Rapid Diagnostek, lnc.

Rapid Diagnostek Inc. has developed a patented, inexpensive, easy to use biosensor-based platform and bench-top instrument appropriate for detecting proteins, bacteria, viruses, and other substances contained in liquid samples. Markets of opportunity include human and veterinary diagnostics, food safety, life sciences, environmental testing, among others. Our testing system offers remarkably faster and less expensive results than existing immunoassay testing methods.


Current diagnostic tests can take hours to report results from the time a sample is taken to delivery of results. The platform Rapid Diagnostek has developed, can deliver picogram level (low femtomolar) quantitative results at the point of sampling in minutes. The platform consists of a single use, disposable test cartridge and a desk phone-sized low cost instrument. Unlike many new technologies under development, the RDI platform is based on conventional technologies that have proven internal development and operational benefits that enable successful development and commercial scale manufacturing.  Together, these unique benefits integrated into an easy to use package, promises to transform where and how diagnostic tests are performed.


Product Demonstration

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